Why IntSights?

IntSights is on a mission to Democratize Threat Intelligence

IntSights provides the most extensive coverage of intelligence sources from the clear, deep, and dark web, including forums, chatters, telegram, black markets, social media, application stores, code repositories, and hundreds more, offering you faster and more comprehensive protection than many of our competitors.

Additionally, IntSights is the only cybersecurity vendor combining a Threat Intelligence Platform, Digital Risk Protection technologies, and in-house remediation and takedown services. With IntSights you get a single, easy-to-use platform for all your threat intelligence needs.

Quality Intelligence / Low False Positive Rates

Insights applies machine learning and sophisticated algorithms that provide your security teams finished and contextualized alerts with low false positive rates. We continuously monitor false positive and false negative rates to prevent anything that may slow down your responses.

Other companies rely on manual work (hindering scalability) and provide raw data with a rule engine, which passes the false positive problem on to you, the user.

Comprehensive Remediation

IntSights offers the fastest takedown and remediation service in the market. Using established vendor relationships (registrars, app stores, paste sites, etc) and the latest technology, we automate the process of reporting, monitoring, and takedown of malicious web content. You'll benefit from the best metrics in the industry with our >85% success rate, and a 24 hour SLA.

IntSights also drastically reduces the time your organization's data is exposed with our Active Directory integration, which prompts automatic resets of leaked passwords as soon as they are detected. We also enable instant blocking of IOCs in your security devices with our extensive network of security integrations with endpoint, firewall, SIEM, etc., solutions.

All-In-One Solution

IntSights is the only threat intelligence vendor that combines Digital Risk Protection, Threat Intelligence Platform, Vulnerability Prioritization, Third-Party Assessment, Research Tools, Security Ecosystem Automations, and Remediation and Takedown services, all in one easy-to-use solution.

With IntSights External Threat Protection suite, you get one consolidated solution that satisfies all your threat intelligence needs while offering faster time to value and a 442% ROI.

Streamlined Workflows / High Ease Of Use

Usability and simplicity are fundamental principles of the IntSights platform. Committing to these principles helps you quickly and easily achieve a high return on investment, versus competitive solutions that are complex and require extensive training, a significant learning curve, and ongoing efforts.

Workflows are also designed with simplicity in mind. A sophisticated policy management mechanism helps your team automate alert handling workflows and dramatically simplify their work. In addition, the platform includes tools for efficient response. For example, our ‘Ask the Analyst’ capability provides you with direct and quick access to our analysts for immediate help with alerts.

IntSights simplicity and ease of use are unmatched in the industry.