What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

The cybersecurity threat landscape is continually evolving. Existing threats remain a risk, while new threats emerge almost daily. At the same time, the attack surface of most organizations also grows at an inexorable rate as new technologies are adopted. These combine to increase digital risk.

Staying up to date with the ever-changing threat landscape requires both deep and broad expertise. It is a function that requires full-time focus from cybersecurity professionals. This is a business function that most organizations will struggle to build internally and maintain over time. This is a problem as cybersecurity monitoring and protection are now fundamental parts of organizational operations, and protection needs to be 24/7/365.

While the cyber threat landscape is complex and fluid, there are always indicators of attack that are apparent when cybercriminals are planning to target an organization. If you know where to look on the clear, deep, and dark web, it is possible to identify imminent and potential threats and attacks.

Vulnerability Assessments

Protecting people, data, and systems from cyberattacks requires a multi-faceted approach. A fundamental part of the strategy are Vulnerability Assessments. These audit and analyze an organization’s IT landscape to identify any threats and initiate remediation. Vulnerability Assessments should cover internal threats, due to system configurations and procedures, as well as external threat intelligence and attacks that are being planned against an organization.

IntSights Products and Services

IntSights cybersecurity analysts work with organizations of any size to perform VAs and deploy solutions that proactively identify potential risks over time. The IntSights External Threat Protection (ETP) Suite is a global market-leading solution using human experts and digital intelligence tools to identify external threats, and to counter them before attacks occur.

IntSights can work with organizations to:

• Analyze the current cybersecurity posture

• Assess data policies to identify risks to sensitive data

• Gain visibility into security framework and implementation alignments

• Identify applicable regulatory compliance frameworks

• Implement policies to ensure compliance with applicable regulations

The IntSights ETP Suite

IntSights products and services work in tandem to provide a unique offering in the cybersecurity protection landscape. Drawing on comprehensive external threat data, with industry-leading human and machine-based analysis, IntSights delivers solutions for all critical assets that require protection and provides automated mitigation for both external and internal business activities 24/7. The following diagram outlines the full range of activities, from external data collection on the left to remediation on the right.

Vulnerability Assessment

Intelligence derived from the external threat monitoring combined with other components of an overall cybersecurity strategy makes it possible to mitigate threats in real-time and protect an organization’s systems, data, and staff across the following areas:

Anti-Phishing Protection

• VIP and Executive Protection (Spear Phishing protection)

• Brand Protection

• Fraud Protection

• Sensitive Data Leakage Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

Advanced Threat Protection

• Leaked Credentials Monitoring

• Malicious Mobile App Identification

• Supply Chain Risks

What is Cybersecurity Risk Management?

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