Threat Hunting

Proactive Engagement With Threat Actors

Hunt for emerging threats targeting your organization across the clear, deep, and dark web.

Take down threats before they become attacks.

Behind Enemy Lines

Infiltrate top-secret hacker communities to extract intelligence that cannot be found using algorithms or automated detection. Our threat hunters practice Human Intelligence (HUMINT) to build their credibility and engage with adversaries to identify emerging threats at the source.

Go behind the curtain.

High-Impact Sources

Tailor your intelligence sources to your organization’s specific threat environment. Our team constantly seeks trusted sources that provide information on specific industries, geographies, and attack vectors to identify and validate actionable intelligence.

Trust our team.

Comprehensive, Contextualized Intelligence

Piece together clues from different sources to determine when and where threats originate. Track and record activity over time to gain context into the severity and immediacy of a threat.

Get the information you need.