Takedown and Remediation

Take Down External Threats Before They Cause Damage

As organizations adopt new digital channels to reach customers, cybercriminals are following suit by impersonating popular brands, promoting scam campaigns, and profiting from unknowing consumers. Mitigating the risk posed by exposed threats often requires the removal of malicious or infringing content from various websites, platforms, stores, and domain registrars. IntSights removes the burden of takedown management, enabling organizations to easily take swift action to proactively minimize their digital risk.

Rely on IntSights for instant takedowns.

Accelerate Threat Removal

Utilize our dedicated team of experts to gather prerequisites, accelerate requests, and streamline workflows with your legal team so malicious campaigns are taken down as quickly as possible.

Block threats before they execute.

Scrub File-Sharing and Paste Sites

Continuously monitor code and file-sharing sites, such as Github, Pastebin, and Ghostbin, to identify exploits, sensitive data, or leaked credentials and initiate immediate removal or takedown.

Scrub out contaminants.

Tap Into the Broadest Ecosystem of Sources

Proactively monitor and take down threats from a wide variety of sources, including social media, app stores, domain registrars, paste sites, web hosting providers, and many more.

Increase your visibility.