Retail and eCommerce

Identify brand attacks, shut down scams, and protect your customers

Hackers aren’t just targeting your network anymore. Online shopping technologies and customer reward programs open up new attack vectors that cybercriminals use to attack your most vulnerable asset…your customers. Retail and eCommerce organizations need external visibility into new scam and brand-based attacks to properly protect their company and their customers.

Detect and Mitigate Targeted Threats

Leverage tailored and actionable intelligence based on your unique digital assets so you can identify, block and take down attacks that directly target your industry and digital operations.

Detect mitigate threats

Dismantle Scams and Combat Fraud

Monitor the clear, deep, and dark web for gift card generators, stolen goods for sale, brand impersonation, and other common retail scams to mitigate fraud attempts.

Dismantle Scams and Combat Fraud in Retail

Safeguard Brand and Protect Consumers

Vigilantly monitor for Account Takeover (ATO) campaigns, brand impersonation, and copyright infringement to enforce your trademarks, initiate takedowns, and protect customers.