Proactive Compliance & Risk Management

Improve your compliance capabilities with external threat intelligence

Compliance regulations, including GDPR, PCI, SOX, CCPA, HIPAA, and MAS, require organizations to establish security and audit controls to ensure that business and customer data is protected. External threat intelligence plays a crucial role in compliance enablement and risk management by continuously monitoring threats outside the wire.

Activate automated compliance.

Continuous Monitoring Outside the Wire

Continuously monitor the clear, deep, and dark web to discover potential leaks containing PII data, customer databases, compromised credentials, and more.

Discover threats in real time.

Alerting & Automation

Regulations mandate organizations to implement policies and procedures to alert security teams and management to compromised data and IOCs. Automation saves time and can further bolster both security and compliance posture.

Stay informed about emerging risk.

Actionable Compliance

Investigate IOCs and remediate against breaches based on external threat intelligence gathered from pastebins, document dumps, public repositories, and dark web hacker communications.

Investigate and remediate.

What Our Customers Say

We understand the need to be more proactive. I think the most favored feature is the integration with all the other security devices we have. If there are domain registrations or MX records, we can take action on these. That is something none of the other platforms are doing.

Paul Valenti

Manager IT Security and Governance, Panasonic Avionics Corporation