Phishing Protection & Prevention

Prevent Phishing Early in the Attack Chain

Phishing remains the easiest, most popular, and most reliable technique for threat actors to trick vulnerable employees and customers into revealing sensitive data. It’s critical to identify potential phishing attacks as early as possible to shut them down before human assets become attack vectors.

Don’t bait the hook.

Identify Early Signs of Phishing Weaponization

Monitor for common phishing tactics—domain spoofing, look-alike domains, typosquatting, homoglyphs, and more—that use countless permutations of your legitimate domains and subdomains.

Act on early warnings.

Continuously Track Suspicious Domain Changes

Monitor and correlate changes to domain attributes, including Whois info, MX and/or A record changes, IP reputation, and SSL certificate updates, to gain the full context and risk behind suspicious domains.

Keep a close eye on domains.

Accelerate Phishing Takedowns and Perimeter Blocking

Leverage our remediation team and robust ecosystem of partners to accelerate domain takedown requests, block domains on perimeter devices, and shut down phishing attacks before they’re launched.

Collaborate with trusted experts and value-add partners.

Security awareness training only goes so far. Effective cyber security mixes defensive and offensive tactics – ranging from early domain weaponization recognition to fast domain takedowns and anti-phishing alerts.

What Our Customers Say

The phishing aspect is probably one of the bigger things we see, for fraud purposes or to introduce malicious software onto the system. With IntSights we can identify potential phishing domains that we may want to block and investigate.

William Curtiss

Chief Information Security Officer, Hanes Brands