Proactively Detect and Mitigate Device Exploits

The digital footprints of pharmaceutical companies continue to grow in the face of expanding threat surfaces created by increased connectivity between IT, IoT, OT, and cyber-physical systems. So how do you secure proprietary intellectual property, assess risk in the manufacturing environment, and defend valuable corporate IP from cyber espionage?

Beware of connectivity.

Address the Expanding Threat Surface

Visibility across your entire digital footprint (IT/IoT/OT) is critical to proactively minimize your overall attack surface. Without this, it’s difficult to stay on top of what’s happening on the network. One small change or networking issue can impact product quality, production uptime, plant safety, and bottom-line revenue.

Sweat some small stuff.

Detect and Mitigate Targeted Threats

Rely on tailored and actionable intelligence based on your unique digital assets to continuously identify, block, and take down attacks that directly target your industry and digital operations.

Prioritize critical threats.

Lower TCO

Leverage investments already made in technology, process development, and training. Eliminate capital expenditures, extra human resources or infrastructure, and unnecessary software deployments.

Reduce costs.