IntSights for NERC CIP

Protect critical infrastructure before an attack

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP) specifies the minimum-security requirements for the bulk power systems and imposes rules which address power system security that utilities need to follow. IntSights provides advanced visibility with actionable threat intelligence that charts the path for remediation and mitigation while prioritizing your cyber risk exposure to maximize the safety and reliability of your critical infrastructure.

Deploy Risk-Based System Analysis

Move the assessment of your critical infrastructure to a risk-based approach with an unparalleled view of your operational estate, aligning protection and remediation priorities to the highest risk security gaps.

Take action to mitigate risk and thwart attacks.

Enrich and Prioritize Critical Vulnerabilities

Take stock of any gaps or vulnerabilities in your systems while gaining a full understanding of how and where you can be attacked. Accelerate compliance with regulatory risk reduction mandates within the utilities industry.

Prioritize remediation and compliance with enriched vulnerabilities.

Proactively Report on Infrastructure Security Policy

Identify, validate, and report on threats before they become full-fledged attacks. Fine-tune protection and mitigation techniques to illuminate the threats that have the greatest impact on your critical operations.

Take preemptive measures to protect critical operations.