Protect Client Data and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Priority one for law firms is protecting client data, given the ramifications of liability in the event of a breach. Lawyers are bound by strict confidentiality and nondisclosure requirements. Noncompliance due to data compromise carries stiff financial penalties. Law firms hold significant amounts of sensitive data, including IP and mergers and acquisitions information, that is in high demand by money-motivated threat actors. Perpetrators often target law firm executives to gain access to proprietary documents, so credential and data leakage monitoring, VIP/executive protection, and proactive takedown services are key pillars of a defend-forward cybersecurity strategy.

Increase threat visibility.

Continuously Monitor the Threat Environment

Track all relevant threats targeting the organization and industry to ensure client data protection.

Integrate with Security Stack

Seamlessly ingest external threat intelligence into existing security solutions to automatically prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk.

Visualize Risk

Expand visibility into the threat landscape to accurately assess organizational risk and quickly make informed decisions.