Protect PHI and enrich your risk assessment

Keeping up with HIPAA compliance and data privacy issues can be overwhelming. Healthcare organizations need to automate and simplify risk analysis, risk management, and information system activity reviews as required in the Security Management Process standard to ensure they are protected against escalating cyber threats.

Validate Data Usage

IntSights provides full visibility and continuous analysis of healthcare data, while facilitating an open line of sight into everything that is happening on covered healthcare entities.

Gain a clear picture of PHI activities across the enterprise.

Receive Alerts on Data Breaches or Leaks

IntSights proactively collects threat intelligence data before a breach, compromise, or incident occurs. Having the underlying intelligence when something happens or an exploit is found equips administrators with knowledge of how it started, where it spread, and what it did.

Know how to proactively respond and remediate.

Enforce HIPAA and Enrich Risk Assessment

IntSights provides enrichment that adds valuable context to the process of risk assessment. This helps uncover a realistic measure of the risk to any security controls in place to protect PHI data.

Know your PHI exposure risk.