Minimize GDPR Risk

IntSights is built to analyze all aspects of data security pertaining to GDPR. Gain transparency into the delivery of a data security policy, evidence on data jurisdiction specifics and data residency, and clarity on data use justification.

Manage GDPR compliance.

Satisfy GDPR Articles

IntSights helps organizations satisfy GDPR articles 13 and 25 by analyzing threats to critical data and the presence of exploited data.

Control data.

Prove Data Integrity

IntSights collects contextual threat intelligence data and monitors all events on targeted critical data, providing ongoing proof of data integrity and validity.

Continuously document data integrity.

Support Data Breach Findings

IntSights detects, investigates, reports, and remediates both personal and corporate data breaches to support event findings.

Present evidence of breach remediation.

Enrich Data Protection Assessments and Audits

IntSights supports implementation of risk and measurement frameworks within the assessment process based on the corporate data footprint, ensuring timely alerts and responses to exposure.

Act on assessment findings.