Fraud Detection

Reduce Fraud

Carding, account takeovers, and scams have a direct impact on your bottom line, yet fraud almost always takes place outside of your domains and corporate networks. External fraud visibility is essential to detect, identify, and thwart campaigns before they cause damage to you or your customers.

Stop fraud from stealing revenue.

Detect Stolen Credit Cards, Leaked Accounts, and SWIFT Attacks

Continuously monitor credit card shops, dark web forums, paste sites, and more to anticipate fraud attempts, take down scams, and implement appropriate steps to mitigate losses.

Proactively combat fraud schemes.

Continuous Monitoring of Financial Assets

Dismantle Retail Scams and Gift Card Generators

Scour the clear, deep, and dark web for gift card generators, fake coupon codes, loyalty point scams, and more to mitigate and take down fraud threats before they cause damage.

Stop the trend.

In the first quarter of 2019, year-over-year stolen credit card data increased by 212%.

Protect Customer Accounts

Ensure that your customers’ financial accounts and assets remain protected from account takeovers (ATOs) and other exploits that leverage customer data and credentials to gain access to and steal customer assets.

Safeguard your customers.

When consumer data is stolen, cybercriminals then sell that data on dark web forums and black markets. That data - such as social security numbers, credit card and bank account numbers – facilitates new fraud activity and scam opportunities. IntSights enables you to find stolen data, identify scamming tools, and take action early, before costs mount.

Effective security isn't just defensive – it's time to go on the offense. Find out how IntSights stops fraud at the source.