IntSights Alignment with FFIEC CAT

Achieve an innovative maturity stance using proactive threat detection

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) helps financial institutions identify their risks and determine their cybersecurity preparedness. The assessment tool categorizes risk, from areas of most concern to least. Once identified, the cybersecurity maturity level can be ranked from minimal security essentials to proactive and innovative protocols. Effective and actionable threat intelligence collection empowers and accelerates your FFIEC assessment.

Domain 1: Cyber Risk Management and Oversight

IntSights provides extensive asset targeting, tagging alerts enhanced with context-rich intelligence on IT hygiene.

Tag alerts based on your digital footprint.

Domain 2: Threat Intelligence and Collaboration

IntSights goes above and beyond traditional threat monitoring by providing actionable intelligence that is proactive and prioritized.

Accelerate threat detection, response, and remediation.

Domain 3: Cybersecurity Controls

IntSights’ vulnerability prioritization and gap analysis provides support and enrichment of threat reduction and patch analysis.

Lower risk and enhance cybersecurity maturity.

Domain 4: External Dependency Management

IntSights third-party threat analysis offers an extensive catalog of options to help businesses understand their exposure to third-party sources, data sharing, and access control.

Reduce data and security liability.

Domain 5: Cyber Incident Management and Resilience

IntSights Threat Command offers targeted intelligence alerting and threat orchestration to help businesses respond to incidents in real time.

Act quickly to eliminate threats at the source.