Digital Footprint Visibility

Scout your attack surface like a hacker

Digital Footprint Visibility provides you with a complete picture of your attack surface by mapping your digital assets. This inventory enables you to understand how new threats might impact your organization.

Identify Weaknesses in Your Security Posture

By mimicking common cybercriminal tactics--like scouting for open ports, vulnerabilities, and exposed databases--we're able to identify and mitigate any weaknesses in your security posture before they're exploited.

ID Weakness in Security Posture

Maintain a Dynamic Asset Inventory

Leverage our proven framework for asset mapping to create and track your evolving digital footprint. Identify new potential attack vectors and understand where you may be exposed.

Maintain a Dynamic Asset Inventory

Tailor Your Intelligence

Automatically correlate threat actor intelligence to your unique digital footprint. Minimize irrelevant threat data and highlight real threats that pose a direct risk to your organization, employees, brands, and customers.

Tailor Intelligence