Data & Credential Leakage

Identify and Lock Down Leaked Sensitive Information

Data leakage is one of the most significant threats to organizations because it gives threat actors instant access to sensitive data or internal systems. If credentials or confidential data are leaked online, including in public repositories like GitHub, it’s critical to identify, validate, and remediate the exposure as quickly as possible.

Instantly retrieve leaked data.

Discover and Reset Exposed Employee Credentials

Instantly discover and automatically lock down your leaked credentials on the clear, deep, and dark web using our continuous monitoring engine, extensive leaked credential database, and automated mitigation capabilities, including our unique integration with Active Directory.

Lock down leaked credentials.

Identify and Secure Leaked Documents

Continuously monitor black markets, closed hacker forums, paste sites, public repositories, and more to identify sensitive documents, secrets such as API keys, and new data dumps. Work with our analyst team to obtain data samples from threat actors, validate data legitimacy, and track down sources of leakage or data theft.

Restore stolen documents.

Uncover Compromised Customer Accounts

Monitor exposed or leaked credentials that may compromise customer PII, financial assets, or loyalty program rewards.

Protect your customers.