Brand Protection

Defend Your Brand

Cybercriminals use your brand against you. They impersonate your social media accounts, develop rogue mobile apps, sell stolen and counterfeit products, and hijack your brand to run scams. External visibility and control over these brand threats are critical to safeguarding your valuable portfolio of trademarks, logos, and products.

Protect what’s yours.

Dismantle Malicious Apps and Scams

Automatically detect, prioritize, and take down external threats to your brand across the clear, deep, and dark web. Eliminate fake mobile apps, knockoff scams, brand misuse, the spread of misinformation, and leaked intellectual property.

Keep it real.

Protect Your Customers

It’s not just you they want. Hackers impersonate your brand to steal your customers’ data. Discover and take down brand hijacking attempts to preserve customer trust and loyalty.

Reduce churn.