Blocking & Blacklisting

Leverage External Threat Intelligence to Block Attacks

Layered defense is a widely accepted best practice across every industry sector, yet successful cyberattacks remain on the rise. Keeping your security infrastructure up to date is critical, and leveraging external intelligence can help you identify threats early and proactively block attacks.

Integrate the most critical layer.

Strengthen Perimeter Security

Proactively block and monitor for new cyber threats and malicious indicators on your existing security devices—firewalls, endpoint solutions, mail gateways—to reinforce your security infrastructure, and protect employees.

Defend your entry points.

Enrich and Automate Response With SIEM and SOAR Integrations

Integrate external intelligence with your SIEM and SOAR platforms to conduct deeper investigations and orchestrate advanced threat response workflows.

Boost ROI of existing infrastructure.

Free Up Your Team

Automate and operationalize the entire threat blocking process to reduce the resource burden on your security teams and enable them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Maximize your resources.