Protect Hyper-Connected Automobiles

Cars are more integrated and reliant on technology than ever. Manufacturers must protect their end users from cyberattacks on software in their vehicles, which can also serve as access points for hackers to target internal corporate networks.

Protect drivers and their access.

Anticipate Threats Before They Become Attacks

The number of attack vectors in any given automobile increases with each new app or technology integration. IntSights contextualized and actionable threat intelligence helps manufacturers identify and validate targeted threats as they emerge.

Address threats before they cause damage.

Continuously Monitor for Stolen or Leaked Credentials

Threat actors can unlock even the most tightly secured entry points and infiltrate corporate networks using leaked credentials. IntSights integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory to proactively detect and deactivate leaked credentials that could put automobile manufacturers at risk of suffering a breach.

Protect credentials.

Identify IP Leaks and Protect Your Brand

Compromised confidential documents, such as manufacturing or design plans, can be devastating to automobile manufacturers in a highly competitive market. Protect the organization’s intellectual property from falling into the wrong hands – competitors and threat actors in search of exploits.

Safeguard your intellectual property.