Alert Profiler

Threat Intelligence Is Not “One Size Fits All”

Any advantage you can gain over your cyber adversaries is worth taking. Having the upper hand means identifying new cyber threats early, but this intelligence is only useful if you know how you’re impacted and can act quickly. Being able to sift through the noise without being distracted by unnecessary alerts can be challenging.

IntSights Alert Profiler allows building custom machine learning-driven algorithms tailored to unique business needs. This no-code solution lets security practitioners create rule sets that specifically map to their infrastructures, technology stacks, and risk appetites. With a GUI-based design, analysts can rapidly build rules to identify and respond to the threats that matter most to their business.

Customize your threat intelligence.

Granular Control Over Threat Intelligence Alerting

Leveraging a combination of machine-learning and advanced AI, security teams can quickly determine threat status and consequently spend fewer hours sorting through irrelevant alerts.

Eliminate pointless effort.

Synchronized With Your Needs

Given our no-code interface, even novice system users can fine-tune IntSights alerting to their own specific use cases to perfectly align with their business, security, and compliance scenarios.

Simplify alert response.

Reduced Workloads

Precise control over threat intelligence alerting and notification dramatically reduces workloads and helps security teams respond faster to priority events.

Ease the burden.