Webinar: Cryptocurrency, Carding, and Cartels – The Growing Threat of Latin American Cybercrime

Join us at 2:00 pm EST on Thursday, February 20 for a webinar on escalating cybercrime in Latin America in advance of our forthcoming research report, The Dark Side of Latin America.

Geopolitical turmoil is resulting in the growth of cybercrime and the widespread sale of malware-as-a-service in Latin America. Rapid adoption of digital technology in the region, lack of data privacy legislation, and an increase in organized crime all contribute to the security challenges that banks and retailers are facing everyday.

Charity Wright, Cyber Threat Advisor at global threat intelligence firm IntSights, and Pamela Clegg, cryptocurrency analyst at AML firm CipherTrace, have spent their careers as chameleons on behalf of the US government, blending into cultures and environments to understand how these entities operate in terms of cyber crime and the economics around cryptocurrency as the transaction vehicle for criminals. Charity and Pamela are joining forces to host a joint webinar on Thursday, February 20 at 2:00 pm EST addressing the threat landscape in Latin America, including a detailed look at:

  • Emerging threats in the region targeting global organizations
  • The top threat actors and what motivates them to launch cyberattacks
  • The economic impact of Latin America's cybercriminal underground