Research Report

Threat Brief: Venezuelans Turn to Cybercrime in Wake of Economic Downfall

Venezuela is a nation in distress, as geopolitical strife has resulted in a humanitarian crisis disconnecting citizens from the outside world. Internet access is restricted to the privileged, and the government censors critical media at whim.

As nation-states like Venezuela claim control and sovereignty over the internet, organizations grasp for control over the flow of data within their networks. IntSights has observed several important trends in cybersecurity that correlate with the downfall of the Venezuelan state over the past few years:

  • Vulnerable technological infrastructure and restricted internet access for citizens
  • An influx of users to the dark web in search of censored information
  • Cybercriminals operating in the open with no fear of repercussions
  • Migration to cryptocurrency as a result of local currency collapse

Download this report to gain an understanding of the global cybersecurity implications, dark web activity, and cybercriminal attacks on organizations and governments alike emerging from Venezuela.