(On Demand Webinar) Threats to the Energy Sector on Underground Criminal Forums

Underground criminal forums reveal a variety of criminal threats to the energy sector, and recent cyberattacks such as the one on Colonial Pipeline highlight the significance of these ongoing industry threats.

Criminal forums provide myriad ways in which bad actors can monetize access to energy networks and data. They also reveal details on TTPs and malware that criminals use against energy organizations.

In this educational presentation, Paul Prudhomme, Head of Threat Intelligence Advisory at IntSights, will discuss the threats to energy organizations as described in posts on underground criminal forums, including the dark web.

Watch this webinar on demand to learn:

  • The specific underground criminal activities threatening today’s energy organizations, and the types of data leaking out as a result of ransomware events

  • Why Colonial Pipeline wasn’t the first — and it won’t be the last — energy company cyberattack

  • How dark web posts provide important clues for improving cybersecurity measures

  • Best practices to avoid losing control of your company’s data