On-Demand Webinar: The Growing Threat of Latin American Cybercrime

Latin America boasts some of the most sophisticated hackers and organized crime groups in the world, but is often overlooked by enterprise security teams not present in the region. Our new report, The Dark Side of Latin America: Cryptocurrency, Cartels, Carding, and the Rise of Cybercrime explores the unique threat landscape in the region, which is defined by geopolitical dynamics, government corruption, organized crime, and persistent attacks on industries such as retail and financial services.

Charity Wright, Cyber Threat Advisor at global threat intelligence firm IntSights, and Pamela Clegg, cryptocurrency analyst at AML firm CipherTrace, have spent their careers as chameleons on behalf of the US government, blending into cultures and environments to understand how these entities operate in terms of cyber crime and the economics around cryptocurrency as the transaction vehicle for criminals. Charity and Pamela joined forces to address the threat landscape in Latin America, including a detailed look at:
  • Emerging threats in the region targeting global organizations
  • How cybercriminals use cryptocurrency to circumvent authorities
  • The economic impact of Latin America's cybercriminal underground