The Evolution of the Dark Web Digital Identity Markets September 17th, 8:00 AM EDT (12:00 GMT)

If you are interested in attending but cannot attend at this time, we will be holding another session at 12:00 PM EDT (16:00 GMT).

Leaked credentials have been hot commodities on dark web black markets for years, ranging from small batches to complete database dumps. The security industry has been battling back and forth with cybercriminals, developing new and better ways to authenticate users: 2FA, OOB authentication, device ID, KBA – you name it. Recently, hackers have found new and innovative ways to circumvent even advanced security protocols – like digital browser identity theft, which allows them to almost perfectly mimic a user's digital fingerprints.

Attend this webinar on September 17th at 8:00 AM EDT (12:00 GMT) to learn more about:

  • The delicate relationship between authentication vs identification vs validation vs verification, from the defender’s side
  • The evolution of the different tools, tactics and procedures used to circumvent and beat authentication solutions viewed from the cybercriminal’s perspective
  • Some of the recent dark web stores and offering, their prices, details and their targets


Etay Maor, Chief Security Officer, IntSights