(On Demand Webinar) Red Vs Blue CTI – How Threat Actors Prepare their Attacks and How Defenders Operationalize Threat Intel

Collecting intelligence is a practice that is not exclusive for cyber security professionals, during this age of oversharing of data, online collaboration tools and WFH environments – threat actors thrive on collecting and operationalizing data they collect on their targets.

Watch this webinar on demand to hear IntSights’ CSO, Etay Maor cover the tools and techniques used by both attackers and defenders with an emphasis on case studies and practical takeaways.

On the attackers side, we will review:

  • How threat actors use OSINT and social engineering techniques to successfully deploy their attacks
  • The latest offerings from the cybercrime underground and trends with cybercrime groups

On the defenders side, we will review:

  • The different maturity models for threat intelligence
  • What analysts, SOC managers and CISOs should expect (and demand) from a CTI solution
  • How to operationalize threat intelligence using security frameworks to DEFEND FORWARD