On-Demand Webinar: Fireside Chat: Perspectives on Security Risk from IntSights' CSO and CCO

Perspectives on Security Risk from IntSights' CSO and CCO

Compliance control and security enforcement requirements have been merging closer than ever before. The current escalated threat climate underscores the importance of risk measures and security policies across the globe. However, businesses can use the convergence of security and compliance to their advantage to achieve security automation, mitigate enterprise risk, and reduce their attack surfaces.

Join us for a Fireside chat, as IntSights Chief Compliance Officer Chris Strand and Chief Security Officer Etay Maor team up to offer unique perspectives on combining compliance and security operations to reinforce security policy – while satisfying required data security controls.

We will also cover:

  • Applying contextual intelligence with framework controls to get a better picture of security posture and identify gaps.
  • How the combination of shared community intelligence and proactive security hygiene could have prevented real cyberattacks and exploits.
  • How to use enhanced active intelligence to add clarity and visibility to your enterprise security policy.