How to Automate the Discovery and Takedown Process for Brand Attacks

Automate DIscovery and Take Down Process for Brand Attacks Webinar

Your brand is one of your greatest assets. That’s why cybercriminals and scammers have increasingly targeted large corporate brands to run cybercrime campaigns and exploit a huge pool of unknowing consumers. By charading as well-known, trusted brands on popular channels like social media, mobile applications and online stores, cybercriminals can dupe users into giving up credentials, entering financial information or downloading malicious software. Organizations have a responsibility to protect their customers from these attacks, and must diligently monitor these channels to ensure their brand(s) is/are not being impersonated or infringed upon.

In this webinar, we’ll share:

  • Examples of common brand attacks used by cybercriminals
  • Which channels and sources need to be monitored
  • How to spot malicious campaigns that target your brand(s)
  • Requirements for submitting takedown requests and cease and desists