Research Report

GDPR Complicates Italy’s Cyber Threat Landscape

Businesses based in Italy have been especially impacted by the new GDPR guidance, having received over €45 million in GDPR fines through September 2020 – roughly two-thirds of the total fines handed out. As Italian companies continue to struggle with these new data privacy requirements, threat actors have taken note. Italian businesses are frequently targeted in cyberattacks, as hackers look to exploit the country’s relatively lax cybersecurity protocols.

This report highlights some of the most common threats facing organizations in Italy and breaks down how aggressive GDPR requirements complicate the matter. Download your copy to learn about:

  • Custom phishing attacks targeting prominent companies in the financial services industry
  • Cybercriminals hacking into corporate systems and selling access to countless other threat actors
  • Ransomware targeting organizations that risk being slapped with massive GDPR fines if they refuse to pay