Endpoint Protection Outside The Wire

Integrating External Threat Intelligence Into Your Endpoint Security Suite

Building and maintaining an effective cyber defense requires the ability to identify and mitigate threats at your corporate perimeter and beyond the wire. Integrating external threat intelligence with your endpoint protection suite allows you to automate threat blocking against emerging threats in real-time. When any external threat is detected anywhere on the clear, deep, or dark web, you can take immediate action to update your blacklists and defend your digital assets against it.

Learn how you can rapidly dismantle targeted threats before they become full-fledged attacks that steal sensitive data, disrupt business operations, and damage brand reputation.

View this webinar to learn how IntSights + Carbon Black enables you to:

  • Proactively detect and gain unfiltered visibility into early-stage targeted attacks
  • Augment endpoint security defenses with actionable external threat intelligence
  • Investigate and manage threats in real-time
  • Automate external threat blocking and incident response


Nick Hayes, VP of Strategy, IntSights
Ryan Fortress, Tech Alliance Engineer, Carbon Black