Vulnerability Risk Analyzer

Clear, Deep, and Dark Web Intelligence Significantly Enhances CVSS Scores

CVSS scores and data from existing vulnerability management solutions lack valuable context including hacker motivation, intentions, and readiness to exploit vulnerabilities. With Vulnerability Risk Analyzer™, CVEs that are relevant to the customer are enriched with external threat intelligence data and instantly scored, virtually eliminating the resource-intensive prioritization process for CVE patching.

Real-Time External Threat Intelligence Data

With sources including social media, paste sites, hacking forums, instant messaging, dark web, exploits, and more, IntSights Vulnerability Risk Analyzer provides customers with real-time external intelligence on CVEs.

Contextualized Intelligence

IntSights delivers the most actionable data on
CVEs available today.

Vulnerability Risk Assessment Contextualized Intel

Enhanced CVE Risk Scores

IntSights constantly scans the clear, deep, and dark web to continuously adjust and ensure the accuracy of
CVE risk scores.

Vulnerability Risk Assessment CVE Risk Scores

Robust Integrations

Featuring robust integrations with leading vulnerability management solutions, CVEs relevant to the customer are enriched with external intelligence and instantly scored.

Vulnerability Risk assessment Robust Integrations