Vulnerability Risk Analyzer

Instantly Prioritize Patching for Critical Vulnerabilities

Security teams typically rely on a range of tools to identify weaknesses in their infrastructure. While it's easy to perform a one-time vulnerability scan against known assets, continuously ascertaining the highest priorities based on risk remains challenging.

Discover & Identify

The IntSights Vulnerability Risk Analyzer continuously identifies and assesses risk across your environment, pinpointing highly relevant CVEs. With sources including social media, paste sites, hacking forums, instant messaging, dark web, exploits, and more, VRA provides real-time, contextual, risk-prioritized intelligence.

Patch CVEs based on enterprise risk.

Enrich & Prioritize

Instant risk-based scoring and enrichment on relevant CVEs replaces resource-intensive prioritization efforts. With clear, deep, and dark web visibility, organizations proactively manage near- and long-term critical vulnerability patching targets, as well as ensure adequate security planning for EOL systems and assets.

Eliminate manual prioritization.

Automate & Integrate

Seamlessly integrate with leading vulnerability management solutions to eliminate manual audit processes associated with compliance and data privacy regulations, including PCI DSS, NIST CSF, HIPAA Security Rule, GDPR, CCPA, NERC CIP, and more.

Automate compliance.