Threat Third Party

Clear, Deep, and Dark Web Intelligence For Your Third Parties

Security operations teams increasingly need to understand the open, deep, and dark web threats impacting their third parties. Threat Third Party™ is a tool that can be used to identify the level of risk their third parties face. Leveraging IntSights’ best-in-class threat intelligence capabilities, security professionals can now get a better understanding of the threats facing their third parties based on data collected from dark web forums, active threats, and more. Threat Third Party is designed to augment other third party solutions and provides an additional data point for security teams.

Identify Active Threats Impacting Your Third Parties

Threat Third Party provides security operations teams with a view into the open, deep, and dark web threats facing their third parties. IntSights analyzes active attacks and emerging threat vectors as well as indicators of compromise (IOCs) to give security operations teams a better understanding of phishing attacks, brand compromise, and data leakage events that impact their ecosystem.

Triage Your Third Party Risk

Threat Third Party gives you the ability to triage threats facing your third parties and, alongside other risk assessment solutions, identify third parties that have a high external threat profile. Threat Third Party’s scoring is not deterministic or probabilistic, rather it evaluates risk based upon data collected by IntSights and compares that data against other enterprises. Threat Third Party is designed to aid security teams in their overall evaluation of third party risk.

Compare Risks Based on Industry Benchmarks

All threats are not created equal. Threat Third Party is not a security ratings service, rather, it is a complementary solution that can be leveraged to understand open, deep, and dark web threats on an industry specific basis. Some industries, like finance, insurance, and retail, are targeted more than others. Threat Third Party allows security operations teams to benchmark threats facing their third parties from an industry specific standpoint. Being targeted does not mean that a third party is less security aware or capable. Third parties that manage financial and PII data are targeted much more than other third parties.

Exposure and Targeting

The combination of exposure and targeting equals increased risk. Threat Third Party gives security operations teams the ability to understand these metrics together and make decisions that enable better security across their third party ecosystem. This is a critical data point, unique to IntSights, that enables enterprises, along with their holistic third party risk management program, to work with internal risk management teams as well as their third parties to better manage risk.