Threat Research

Deeper Insights Into Emerging Threat Activity

Understand your adversaries and the unique threats targeting your organization. Our research and analyst teams provide customized reports that offer comprehensive, contextualized, and actionable threat intelligence.

Understand your risk.

Personalized Research

IntSights custom research offers unrivaled depth on hacker groups, new attack vectors, dark web activity, and other cybersecurity trends.

Stay a step ahead of your cyber adversaries.

Threat Actor Infiltration

Deploy our expert analysts to gather intelligence. Our team engages directly with threat actors to uncover new information, obtain data samples, and gain access to new cybercriminal forums and black markets.

Increase your visibility.

Military-Grade Collection

Leverage cutting-edge, military-grade protocols. We follow methodologies developed by the Israeli 8200 Cyber Intelligence Unit to collect the best intelligence from the most exclusive sources.

Trust the experts.

Adversarial Trends and TTPs

Learn the latest cybercriminal tactics, techniques, and procedures to understand your exposure, anticipate potential attacks, and implement appropriate countermeasures.

Know your enemy.

Incident Response

Automate and streamline threat investigations with real-time visibility into malware, threat actors, and targeted campaigns. Integrate with existing solutions to scale your efforts.

Know exactly what happened and how to respond.