Threat Orchestration

Integrated Intelligence with Your Existing Security Stack

Given the rapid pace at which cybercriminals move, efficient operations are critical to protecting your business. Intelligence is useful only if you can translate it into action, and automation is key to staying one step ahead of the bad guys. IntSights enables you to automate and integrate external intelligence with your existing security solutions.

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Automated Policies

Build policies to automate your threat response, push intelligence to perimeter security solutions, shorten your Time to Mitigate (TTM), and reduce the burden on your security operations team.

IO Automated Policies

Internal Threat Blocking

Feed intelligence and blocklists to existing security infrastructure to proactively block new threats and prevent damaging attacks from reaching your network.

IO Internal Threat Blocking

External Threat Takedown

Combat external threats using our one-click remediation to issue takedowns and remove threats on the web before they harm your brand, employees, or customers.

IO External Threat Takedown

Automatic Credential Lockdown

Quickly secure compromised credentials by integrating with your Active Directory to automatically validate and reset active credentials as soon as they’re discovered online.

IO Automatic Credential Lockdown