Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

IOC Management, Investigation, Threat Research, Dark Web Search, and Vulnerability Enrichment.

The world's only Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) that is natively integrated into an external threat intelligence solution.

Replace point solutions with an all-in-one platform to maximize efficiency.

Streamline Threat Operations

The extensible IntSights TIP operationalizes threat intelligence by uniting all the tools in your security infrastructure.

Speed threat detection for proactive defense.

Aggregate & Centralize

Automate aggregation and organization of all threat data sources into one easy-to-use dashboard. Single-pane-of-glass visibility and real-time context enable intuitive ranking of investigation and remediation efforts

Connect critical dots for smart prioritization.

High-Priority IOCs in Dashboard

Enrich & Visualize

Streamline operations by turning raw indicators into actionable, enriched intelligence. Correlate new IOCs with your unique digital assets to better understand potential impact.

Assess risk to drive action.

See How It Works

Analyze & Investigate

Instantly visualize and rapidly analyze how new campaigns connect with known malicious assets. Conduct deep threat investigations.

Leverage the interactive Investigation module.

Integrate & Block

Directly manage IOCs and other threats within the TIP. Automatically integrate with existing security systems and devices.

Proactively monitor and block threats.