Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Streamline the Aggregation, Management, and Enrichment of Threat Intelligence

Replace point solutions with IntSights all-in-one external threat intelligence and IOC management solution to maximize efficiency.

Consolidate threat intelligence, threat data, and tools for greater ROI and better protection.

Enable Instant Response Within Your Security Stack

Continuously synchronize your network and security solutions with the most up-to-date IOCs for faster incident response and threat workflows. Leverage IntSights’ extensive integration network to automate instant threat response across your cybersecurity stack.

Plug and play into existing security devices.

Stay Ahead of the Next Threat

Proactively research malware, TTPs, phishing scams, and other threat actors. Listen in on dark web chatter for up-to-the-minute details on what’s coming next for your organization.

Improve your cybersecurity posture and threat hunting.

Visualize Cyberattacks

Use IntSights’ extensive graph database to understand all the details around emerging threats so you can take action in the moment, while using those insights to defend against the next round of threats.

Speed your response times.

See How It Works

Prioritize the Biggest Threats

Understand potential impact so you can identify the gaps that carry the most risk. IntSights’ threat intelligence platform helps you turn raw data into actionable, enriched intelligence, bringing needed context and clarity to security operations.

Patch your biggest gaps faster.

Centralize Threat Intelligence in One Place

Reduce your spend on cyber threat intelligence and tools with the IntSights all-in-one platform, offering you the broadest threat detection coverage in the industry, alongside in-house remediation services, prioritized vulnerabilities in real-time, and a native IOC aggregation and management tool.

Get more ROI and reduce false positives.