Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

Centralized Platform for IOC Enrichment and Deep Investigation

There’s no shortage of new IOCs, malicious IPs, and CVEs. These indicators flood in from multiple sources and often overwhelm SOC and threat intelligence teams. The IntSights Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) helps organizations centralize and operationalize various sources of intelligence to ensure blocklists are up to date.

IOC Enrichment and Prioritization

Bring context and clarity to your threat feeds to streamline operations. We correlate new IOCs with your unique digital assets to help you understand how you are impacted and coordinate appropriate response.

TIP IOC Enrichment and Prioritization

High-Priority IOCs in Dashboard

Visualized Investigation

Quickly see how new campaigns connect with known malicious assets. Use our interactive Investigation tool to gain additional context and conduct deep threat investigation.

TIP Visualized Investigation

Streamlined Blocking

Defend against new targeted campaigns with integrated and automated threat blocking. Automatically push IOCs to your existing security devices for enriched, prioritized, and up-to-date blocklists.

TIP Streamlined Blocking

Centralized Dashboard

Organize and search all your IOCs within a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Our centralized TIP dashboard summarizes IOCs by severity and confidence level so you can easily understand which malicious IOCs pose the greatest risk to your organization.

TIP Centralized Dashboard