Threat Command™

External Intelligence and Remediation for Threats Targeting Your Organization

Any advantage you can gain over your cyber adversaries is worth having. External intelligence can help you identify new cyber threats early, but this intelligence is only useful if you know how you’re impacted and can act quickly. IntSights Threat Command finds and mitigates external threats that directly target your organization, employees, and customers.

Asset-Based Intelligence

Cut through the noise and focus on relevant issues. Using your unique brand and digital assets, we identify and contextualize threats that directly impact your organization, employees, and customers.

Threat Command の資産ベースのインテリジェンス

Integrated One-Click Remediation

Turn intelligence into action, streamline operations, and reduce your overall risk. With one-click remediation and deep integration, you can coordinate response directly within alerts and operationalize the threat mitigation process.

Threat Command の統合されたワンクリックの緩和

Granular Control Over Threat Intelligence Alerting

Alert Profiler provides an easy way to build custom machine learning-driven algorithms tailored for your business using the IntSights user interface. This no-code solution enables threat analysts and security operations professionals to create rule sets to determine alert status based on their own security requirements so they can rapidly identify and respond to the threats that matter most to their business.

Multidimensional Threat Analysis

Track and validate threats over time to understand their full context. We correlate multiple inputs, variables, and interactions related to a single threat based on how threat actors think and operate.


Covert Data Reconnaissance

Gather intelligence from the deepest hidden corners of the internet to identify threats you would otherwise never find. With broad language coverage and 24/7 collection, we identify all types of threats regardless of their origin.

Threat Command の密かなデータ偵察