Security Advisory Services

Actionable Training for Analysts,
SecOps, and CISO's

Learn the Tools, Tactics, and Techniques Used by Adversaries

We identify and demonstrate phishing attacks, malware, proximity-based attacks, and more. You’ll learn mitigation strategies and will witness how easy it is to collect data on anyone from the clear web.

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Think Like a Cybercriminal

Understand the way attackers choose, analyze, and ultimately attack. Gain an understanding of data collection and defensive strategies that can be applied both pre- and post-breach.

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Cyber Threat Intel Designed for Security Practitioners

From goal definition, capability, and key personnel recruitment to tools, techniques, and procedures, CTI courses are designed to help you create or improve your CTI program.

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Customize Your Experience

Whether you want your team to explore in-depth intelligence analysis tradecraft or discover new Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and tricks for analysis and production, we can customize your learning agenda.

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