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IntSights Security Advisory Services offers a broad range of seminars and courses designed to provide actionable training for all employees, including hands-on analysts, executives, and board members.

Seminars, add-on modules, and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) courses are taught at your facility by seasoned cybersecurity professionals, including IntSights CSO Etay Maor and Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Charity Wright.

Pricing for these seminars and courses is available from your sales representative.

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Security Advisory Services - Seminars

Hands-On Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Target Audience: All employees

Duration: 4 hours

This half-day seminar covers the tools, tactics, and techniques used by adversaries (from script kiddies to sophisticated cybercrime groups). We dive into identifying and understanding phishing attacks, malware, proximity-based attacks, and more. In the second part of the course, we discuss mitigation strategies. Participants are also introduced to Open Source Intelligence and will witness, first hand, how easy it is to collect data on anyone from the clear web.

Thinking Like a Cyber Criminal

Target Audience: Managers, Executives, & Board members

Seminar Duration: 1.5 hours

A shorter version of the half-day Hands-On Cybersecurity Awareness Training seminar, this session focuses on how cybercriminals think and operate. Understanding the way attackers choose, analyze, and ultimately attack their targets is crucial for today’s leaders. This session is designed for executives and board members who wish to understand online privacy issues as well as data collection and defensive strategies that can be applied both pre- and post-breach.

Security Advisory Services - Courses

Cyber Threat Intel (CTI) 101 & 201

Target Audience: Threat intel, SOC teams, and security leadership personnel

Duration: 4 hours per course

Cyber Threat Intel 101 and 201 are designed to meet the needs of security and threat intel practitioners.

CTI 101 will help you create or improve a strategy and CTI program – from goal definition, capability, and key personnel recruitment to tools, techniques, and procedures.

CTI 201 focuses on maturing your CTI program. This course will guide your team through several steps needed to mature your program, including how to effectively analyze cyber intelligence for measurable impact on your organization.

Choose from the following options to accommodate the needs of your team:

  • Maximize your use of the IntSights Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)
  • Explore in-depth intelligence analysis tradecraft, including analysis processes, frameworks, bias awareness, and hypothesis generation
  • Discover new Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and tricks for analysis and production
  • Implement Purple Team exercises to encourage teamwork across the organization
  • Create eye-catching, relevant CTI products for internal and external customers
  • Foster a peer review culture to encourage communication, teamwork, and collaboration, and to hone writing and speaking skills
  • Learn about existing intelligence analysis frameworks and determine which best suit your organization

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Security Advisory Services - Team

Etay Maor - Chief Security Officer

As CSO, Etay leads the Security Advisory Practice at IntSights, where he works with CISOs and other senior cybersecurity executives to develop risk management-based cybersecurity programs. Maor has extensive experience in cybersecurity, having worked at IBM (X-force Cyber Range Instructor and Executive Security Advisor), Trusteer, and RSA (Head of the Cyber Threats Research Lab). Maor holds a BA in Computer Science and an MA in Counter Terrorism and Cyber Terrorism, and is an adjunct professor at Boston College.

Charity Wright - Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst

Charity Wright is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at IntSights with over fifteen years experience with the US Army and the National Security Agency, where she translated and analysed Mandarin Chinese communications. Wright now focuses her attention on dark web cyber threat intelligence. She enjoys the dynamic threat environment of cybercriminal communication and networks, and thrives on providing relevant, timely intel to her customers at IntSights. In her current role, she frequently serves as a security expert guest writer and speaker with news outlets and publications including NBC, SecurityWeek, Dark Reading, SC Magazine, C-SPAN, and more.