IntSights Extend™

Access the Power of the IntSights Platform via Any Browser

The IntSights browser extension, IntSights Extend™, makes intelligence accessible and easy to consume outside of the IntSights platform via any browser. Transform raw technical data into risk-prioritized intelligence that your teams can act on immediately.

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Triage Alerts in Real Time

Quickly investigate and prioritize IOCs within any web-based resource including articles, social media channels, and SIEM platforms.

Automatically parse, enrich, and prioritize IOCs and CVEs using “mouse-over” details — no need to open the extension.

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Block Suspicious Indicators

Automatically update your security stack and instantly block suspicious indicators directly from the browser extension with one click of a button.

Dynamically Assess your Risk

Automatically detect if threat indicators and vulnerabilities are active within your environment.

Access With Single Click

Instantly receive dynamic risk-prioritized IOCs based on IntSights Extend active scraping of domains, URLs, IP addresses, file hashes, and CVEs.

Enable Further Analysis

Easily pivot to the IntSights ETP for further analysis, investigation, and action.

IntSights Extend™ Overview

Download the Data Sheet for additional information on the browser plugin.

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