IntSights Threat Research Report Highlights Cybersecurity Risks for the Hospitality Industry

IntSights, the threat intelligence company focused on delivering automated defense forward capabilities, announced today the release of the company's latest research report, Gaming, Leisure & Hospitality Industry Cyber Threat Report (March 2019). The report explores the Who, What, Where, When and Why behind hospitality-focused cyberattacks, and finally shares How these organizations can better prepare and defend themselves from the ever-growing threat landscape.

Hotels and resorts offer cybercriminals a number of intriguing attack vectors to target. As widely distributed and highly connected organizations, hotels give threat actors endless entry points to exploit, including software systems, third parties, or even employees with minimal cybersecurity awareness. Inherently containing huge amounts of personal data from a global customer base--including wealthy individuals, government officials and celebrities-- hotels offer threat actors the ultimate payoff with key troves of sensitive information ranging from passports and credit card data, to personal preferences and travel itineraries, which can be used for both financial gain and espionage.

"The hospitality space is increasingly targeted by both cybercrime and nation-state groups, creating a unique set of challenges compared to other sectors. From an extensive portfolio of endpoints, including IoT and POS, third party vendors and human access, criminals have a variety of attack vectors to access hotel networks," said Hadar Rosenberg, Threat Intelligence Research Analyst, IntSights. "With brand reputation and customer loyalty at risk, hotels need to take a proactive approach to understanding new cybercriminal attack strategies, identifying where they are at risk, and protecting staff, executives and guests from cyber attacks."

IntSights continuously monitors and captures hundreds of thousands of forum posts across the dark web and various hacker channels to spot indications of attack and new threats for customers.

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