IntSights Launches New Threat Evolution Timeline for Deeper Phishing Detection Capabilities

IntSights, the threat intelligence company focused on delivering automated defense forward capabilities, today announced the rollout of their new threat evolution timeline. This new solution builds on IntSights’ industry-leading phishing technology by aggregating and correlating ongoing changes to suspicious domains into a single timeline, enabling security operations teams to quickly and efficiently understand how particular domains have evolved and what risk they pose to their specific organization. In addition, customers will have the ability to adjust the alerting algorithms to further tailor the platform’s threat intelligence to meet specific needs and use cases.

This new solution will help customers gain clarity and context on threat severity, continuously refine alerting algorithms, and improve overall security operations and threat response. Key functionality of this new solution includes:

  • Direct visibility into IntSights’ monitoring and alerting algorithms, including data for all monitored phishing domains (even those not categorized as a direct threat) and the specific variables used to assess the domain’s severity;
  • A threat timeline that aggregates ongoing changes to monitored threats to help security teams understand the evolution and severity level of specific threats; and
  • Ability to control monitoring algorithms and alerting thresholds to further tailor intelligence to their unique needs and use cases.

“Identifying cyber threats requires the ability to correlate ongoing and often disparate changes across multiple sources,” said Guy Nizan, CEO and cofounder of IntSights. “Our new threat timeline will give our customers the ability to efficiently visualize and understand the individual variables used to determine the severity and urgency of a threat and the risk it poses to a customer’s specific organization.”

IntSights will be demonstrating its new threat evolution timeline at RSA Conference, March 4-8, in San Francisco, Calif. at booth #1067 in the South Expo. To schedule a demo at the event, please visit:

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