IntSights Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Breaks Down the Impact of New Laws on the Cyberthreat Landscape at RSAC APJ 2019

New Research Exposes Nation-State Hypocritical Legislation in Conjunction with Offensive Hacking Activities

NEW YORK and SINGAPORE, July 16, 2019 - IntSights, the threat intelligence company focused on enabling enterprises to Defend Forward™, announced today Charity Wright, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, IntSights, will be presenting a talk at RSAC APJ on Dark Consequences: How New Laws are Impacting the Cyberthreat Landscape on July 18, 2019 in Singapore.

Charity Wright has spent the last 15 years, spanning both public and private arenas, with roles in U.S. Army and the National Security Agency, where she leveraged her skills in Mandarin Chinese to identify cyberthreats. At IntSights, Wright focuses her efforts on dark web intelligence and works to understand and uncover new attack methods being deployed by both nation-states and cybercriminals.

In her talk at RSAC APJ, "Dark Consequences: How New Laws are Impacting the Cyberthreat Landscape", Charity will discuss how in an effort to increase security within their borders, countries like China, Russia, Vietnam and Australia, have created sweeping cyber-laws to regulate and maintain control of their Internet blocks. Attendees of the session will dig into research that exposes the underbelly of the Internet and explore how these laws push many to the deep and dark web for anonymity and financial solutions.

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