IntSights Cyber Intelligence Recognized for Dark Web Intelligence and Threat Remediation in New Tech: Digital Risk Protection Report by Independent Research Firm

IntSights Cyber Intelligence, the leading provider of enterprise cyber risk analytics, threat intelligence and mitigation solutions that automate proactive defense, announced today that Forrester Research, an independent research firm, included the vendor in its “New Tech: Digital Risk Protection, Q2 2018” report. This report introduces the key features that define a Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform, insight into venture capital (VC) investment, and an overview of the most relevant players.

“Winners in the DRP market will differentiate on better risk detection, analysis, and ability to streamline remediation action on behalf of customers. To truly differentiate with remediation vendors must form tight partnerships and technical integrations with relevant digital channel service providers, legal and takedown service firms, and security technology vendors,” writes author Nick Hayes, Security & Risk Analyst with Forrester Research in the report. “A large, diverse customer base is a strong indicator of the vendor’s early success and traction in the market. When coupled with the number of full-time employees, we get a better sense for the vendor’s overall presence in the market and its ability to sustain current and continued growth.”

Specifically, Forrester recognizes IntSights Cyber Intelligence as a provider of digital risk reconnaissance solutions, which the independent research firm defines as ‘products that scour secure, private, or otherwise hard-to-reach digital channels (e.g., dark nets, peer-to-peer sites, and secure chat rooms) to uncover potential cyber and physical security threats, fraudulent activity, and stolen data. They also support investigations and analysis through automated workflow and risk attribution.”

IntSights recently announced the release of the industry’s first all-in-one Enterprise Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Platform, which enables proactive defense by transforming threat intelligence into automated security action. The IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform utilizes unique cyber reconnaissance capabilities and patented data-mining algorithms to continuously scan the surface, deep and dark web to deliver actionable, contextual reconnaissance about potential threats targeting a customers’ industry, their operational assets and processes, employees, and digital footprint.

“IntSights is one of the fastest-growing, most dynamic and innovative companies we’ve ever had in our portfolio,” said William Murphy, CTO at Blackstone. “Their year-over-year revenue and customer growth of more than 200% combined with their innovative, inclusive technical integrations and remediation capabilities are a next-level approach that will drive the entire market to shift its definition of cyber threat intelligence.”

“We are accelerating at a record pace of customer, revenue and employee growth because we are driving the evolution of digital risk reconnaissance and protection solutions, while late-stage providers have plateaued and stopped innovating,” said Guy Nizan, Co-founder and CEO of IntSights. “Our ability to transform tailored threat intelligence into automated security action is allowing customers to work smarter, not harder, as they battle a continuous onslaught of targeted attacks.”

Launched in 2015, IntSights Cyber Intelligence emerged on the market as one of the first Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP) to truly aggregate threat intel and enable enterprises to take action based on that tailored reconnaissance and analysis. Today, IntSights is a leader in the DRP and TIP market, with hundreds of customers and partners globally.

To review Forrester Research’s New Tech: Digital Risk Protection, Q2 2018’, please click here.

The IntSights’ international Cyber Research Team (CRT) has created a *LIVE* Dark Web Tour to demonstrate why organizations of all sizes need to understand what is lurking on the Dark Web to adequately protect against external and internal threats. The webinar will take place on Wednesday, June 13 from 11 AM to 12 PM EDT and can be registered for here:

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