IntSights Cyber Intelligence Launches Threat Intelligence Trade-Up Program

IntSights Cyber Intelligence, the leading provider of enterprise cyber risk analytics, threat intelligence and mitigation solutions that automate proactive defense, announced today a 'Threat Intelligence Trade-up Program.' The program offers enterprise organizations that are unsatisfied with first-generation Threat Intelligence Platforms and Digital Risk Protection solutions an opportunity to realize significant cost savings, superior external threat reconnaissance, and faster remediation and take-downs with IntSights' Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform.

In a recent online survey, IntSights found that 62% of threat intelligence users are unsatisfied with their existing solution. These findings confirm recent independent industry analyst reports, which found first-generation threat intelligence platforms and digital risk protection solutions lacking key capabilities according to customer interviews. The report listed social media intelligence (SOCMINT), executive protection, business attribution and brand protection as key areas to improve for first-generation toolsets.

"When working with customers who are transitioning from other threat intelligence and digital risk protection solutions, they are consistently frustrated by excessive, generic alerts and feel overwhelmed by the amount of data they need to process, normalize and define as relevant to their brand and operations," said Tom Findling, VP of Customer Solutions at IntSights. "Our unique, inside-out approach using our customers' digital assets enables us to pinpoint specific threats that directly relate to their digital footprint."

"Security analysts are dealing with too many sources of intelligence. They aren't able to correlate and narrow all these sources of intelligence into those events and vulnerabilities that really matter," reported Sonny Sarai, a SANS GIAC Advisor, who recently reviewed IntSights Enterprise Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Platform. "During our review of IntSights we found the ability to connect the dots between what is going on outside the organization (on the clear and dark web) and what's happening inside the organization (internal data from security devices, networks, systems, devices and users) eliminates the need for extensive staff training and facilitates a deeper understanding across the entire security and response team."

IntSights' Enterprise Threat Intelligence & Mitigation Platform is designed to help organizations save time and operate more efficiently by automating the process of threat discovery, monitoring, takedown and mitigation. Comprised of five innovative and integrated modules, IntSights next-generation platform enables organizations to operationalize threat intelligence in a way not possible with first-generation toolsets.

  1. TailoredThreat Intelligence -- IntSights uses an organization's digital footprint to identify specific, relevant threats throughout millions of sources across the surface, deep and dark web including domains, IP addresses, DLP indicators, mobile applications, social media pages, secret projects, technologies in use, BINs, and VIP names.
  2. Threat Intelligence Platform-- IntSights aggregates and normalizes threat feeds and prioritizes IOCs in a single threat management platform for accelerated triage, response and remediation based on context, severity and relevance gained via tailored intelligence alerts specific to an organizations digital footprint.
  3. Automated Remediation -- IntSights streamlines the threat remediation process by automatically blocking and taking down internal and external threats via integration with firewalls, gateways, proxies, endpoint security tools and SIEMs.
  4. Threat Research & Analysis -- IntSights provides an easy-to-use portal for researching and investigating threat trends and to gain contextual intelligence regarding threats targeting your organization, including threat actor engagement and reconnaissance.

Live Webinar ~ Threat Intelligence Platform & Digital Risk Protection Trade-up Program

IntSights will be hosting a live webinar on August 22, 2018 to detail its TIP and DRP Trade-up Program, including a demo of its integrated Threat Intelligence Platform and Digital Risk Protection capabilities, and special license options for qualified organizations. In addition, all webinar attendees will receive a special gift. To secure your spot, please register here.

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