IntSights Cyber Intelligence Exposes Dark Side of Asia in Marquee Threat Report

IntSights Cyber Intelligence, the leading provider of enterprise cyber risk analytics, threat intelligence and mitigation solutions that automate proactive defense, announced today the release of the company's latest threat intelligence report, "The Dark Side of Asia: An Inside Look into Asia's Growing Underground World." This research takes a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the importance of understanding the specific dark web linguistic and cultural differences that today's threat researchers need to navigate to be effective in combating the growing cybercrime industry emerging in Asia.

"As the dark web grows, companies and government organizations need to understand that it's no longer enough to monitor cyber-crime activities typically associated with Russian, North Korean or other English-speaking cyber groups," said Itay Kozuch, Director of Threat Research, IntSights. "Language barriers, cultural differences and government-imposed access restrictions make it incredibly difficult for threat hunters to access and blend in with these Asian underground communities to effectively perform threat reconnaissance."

The new research report by IntSights pulls back the curtain of the growing underground Asian Internet, and provides and overview of certain countries' dark web landscape, government laws and attitudes towards cyber activity, primary uses and motivations, common black market goods and services and key threat actors. The report also delves into the Chinese Internet network, where many hackers are not even using the dark web or openly-accessible anonymous networks. This has created an interesting dynamic between the Chinese government and its cyber citizens, and leads to a number of additional challenges threat hunters must work around.

To get an inside look into key trends, laws, motivations and threat actors of the increasingly threatening Asian Internet community, download the full report here:

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