MSSP Partners

Differentiate your services with our all-in-one external threat protection suite

Provide a more proactive, complete, and differentiated security service.

Extend your service offerings to identify and neutralize threats targeting your clients across the clear, deep, and dark web.

Proactive External Threat Monitoring

Help your clients proactively identify and dismantle threats by continuously monitoring the clear, deep, and dark web for attack indications, data leakage, brand impersonation, and cyber scams.


Multi-Tenant Infrastructure

Easily set up, maintain, and navigate between unique client environments using our multi-tenant infrastructure purpose-built for MSSPs.


Differentiated Services

Do more than just help your clients build walls. Go beyond the perimeter to identify attacks at the source, gather external intelligence, conduct deep adversarial research, and differentiate your service offerings from competitors.


Bottom-Line Impact

Increase revenue, enjoy healthy profit margins, and expand customer relationships through the IntSights MSSP partner program and dedicated support team.