Channel & Resale Partners

Broaden your solution stack with external threat protection

Provide comprehensive solutions

Expand your solutions arsenal with the only all-in-one external threat protection platform to protect customers from emerging threats across the clear, deep, and dark web. Deliver the solution that masterfully integrates external threat intelligence with orchestrated mitigation—for streamlined response and stronger cyber defense.

Proven Technology

Enhance your customers’ cyber defense with IntSights proven external threat protection platform to help customers identify and neutralize cyber threats across the clear, deep, and dark web.

Proven Technologies

Channel-Focused Partnership

With multiple partnership types available, deal registration and renewal protection, and a dedicated channel support team, IntSights is laser focused on making our channel partners successful.

IntSights Channel Partners

Differentiated Solution

Build cutting-edge security packages and drive increased sales opportunities with external threat protection. Enable customers to gain visibility and increase protection against external cyber threats targeting their organizations.

Differentiated solutions

Bottom-Line Impact

Increase revenue, enjoy healthy profit margins, expand customer relationships, and tap into unique opportunities via the IntSights channel partner program.

Bottom Line Impact