Cloud Security

Reinforce your cloud security solutions with unrivaled external threat intelligence

Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) delivers a multifaceted cloud-native security platform that ensures fast, secure, and reliable direct access to internet applications for all users and devices, regardless of location.

Website: www.zscaler.com

Twitter: @zscaler

IntSights for Zscaler

Integration Snapshot

IntSights delivers tailored intelligence to the Zscaler Cloud Platform about suspicious domains, IP addresses, and URLs associated with targeted attacks aimed at your digital assets. Relevant threat indicators discovered, validated, and prioritized by IntSights are automatically pushed to Zscaler for consumption and blacklisting, creating a seamless integration that ensures continuous enforcement of security policies and protection for users whether on or off the corporate network.

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Integration Benefits

This powerful integration of cybersecurity technologies gives enterprises the protection they need to proactively detect and block emerging threats before they become attacks that disrupt business operations, compromise networks, and damage brand reputation.

  • Cloud security powered by tailored threat intelligence
  • Broad visibility into cybercrime ecosystem
  • Continuous protection for enterprise users and devices on or off network
  • Automated threat blocking
  • Early detection and proactive mitigation of targeted attacks