How to Prevent a phishing attack

Domain Monitoring for Phishing

Continuous Monitoring and Tracking

Detecting and issuing an alert on a phishing domain is half the battle. Enterprises looking to build a proactive phishing detection and prevention program require continuous visibility and monitoring. IntSights not only monitors and alerts in real time on new and emerging phishing domains and subdomains, it also proactively keeps suspicious domains under continuous scrutiny and monitoring. Consequently, we can instantly pinpoint and alert on subtle changes to a domain or website and/or as it becomes weaponized and targeted against our customers.

Tailored Intelligence

Driven Alerting Conducting manual analysis of incoming alerts is a difficult and laborious task. Typically, SOC and security analysts discover associations by manually sifting through relevant alerts and correlating the information to known phishing campaigns, as well as external data on adversaries and methods. Adding to the complexity, analysts need to map this gathered intelligence against internal needs/ processes/programs—typically generating undesired noise and false positives. IntSights Alert Profiler leverages machine-learning and advanced AI to enhance customer-specific threats and alerts determination, proactively minimizing false positives and extending detection beyond the IntSights defaults. With this unique offering, SOC and other security practitioners can tailor the solution to their precise needs. As a result, they can spend fewer hours sorting through irrelevant alerts and proactively fine-tune their alerting rules thresholds to cater to specific needs, use cases, regulatory compliance requirements, and more.

Threat Intelligence Visibility at Your Fingertips Analysts are bombarded with millions of threat data points every day from multiple sources and a multitude of formats. This includes external data from commercial sources, open source, as well as industry and existing security vendors. As your organization’s infrastructure grows, your attack surface becomes more difficult to manage; comprehensive coverage and visibility are key. IntSights offers an out-of-the-box integration with SecurityTrails, the industry leading public source for phishing intelligence, delivering customers unrivaled, continuously updated visibility on Domains, DNS, WHOIS, and IP Intelligence Data—directly within the IntSights External Threat Protection (ETP) Suite. This continuously updated intelligence allows security practitioners to accurately map the company’s digital footprint against targeted threats—and immediately act on this intelligence.

Preempting a Potential Attack Certificate Transparency logs contain records of all publicly trusted digital certificates. When threat actors attempt to register a domain to be used for phishing, they most likely create a certificate for that domain in order for it to appear safe when browsing to its corresponding page. By actively monitoring Certificate Transparency logs, IntSights immediately discovers newly registered domains and subdomains, and applies its proprietary machine-learning and analysis to issue alerts. When a newly registered certificate matching one of our customer’s domains/subdomains exhibits phishing-specific characteristics, i.e., uses their domain/subdomain or their company or brand name, the system delivers a highly contextual and actionable real-time alert. Armed with this unique intelligence, enterprises can dramatically reduce the cycle time for suspected phishing domain detection and alerting—from days to hours.

IntSights Phishing Solution

Phishing Protection: Tailored to Your Needs

IntSights continuously searches the clear, deep, and dark web to identify potential cyber attacks directly targeting your organization and brand. We leverage countless permutations of your domains and brand names to pinpoint a broad range of common phishing tactics, e.g., domain spoofing, look-alike domains, typosquatting, homoglyphs, and many more. Leveraging this unique visibility, security teams are provided with advanced notice of potential phishing campaigns and domain abuse—early in the attack chain.

In addition, IntSights is the only vendor to offer in-house automated mitigation capabilities, enabling enterprises to streamline domain blocking by proactively facilitating takedowns with leading registrars and hosting providers. Leveraging established relationships with domain registrars, hosting companies, social media platforms, and app stores, combined with large-scale data volumes, results in a differentiated platform and methodology to proactively protect against phishing attacks and other cybercrimes. This approach relies on a combination of fully automated tools augmented with human-based expertise to protect against phishing attacks. Our ability to continuously detect, protect, and take down/remove phishing websites and effectively eliminate potential attacks early in the cyber kill chain is made possible by leveraging the following technological and product-specific advances:

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