Advanced Threat Protection

What is Advanced Threat Protection?

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a crucial component of any modern and comprehensive network security infrastructure. The cyber threat landscape and attack surface areas are increasing in size for businesses around the world.

Cybercriminals are using existing and new techniques to probe and penetrate the networks, systems, and applications in organizations of all sizes. Staying informed about emerging threats and attack vectors is a full-time pursuit. Many organizations can’t dedicate the resources required to keep current in this area, or they may find that the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals makes it hard to recruit the necessary IT staff.

Staying fully up to date on malware, ransomware, email security, and other emerging threats means that experienced IT security professionals have significantly less time to spend on other projects that drive the organization forward.

Advanced Threat Protection

Security solutions that provide ATP are designed to protect endpoints against sophisticated cyberattacks that target sensitive systems and data. ATP solutions have three main goals:

Early threat detection: Detecting dangerous activity on the network, such as malware or phishing attacks, is crucial to prevent damage and data loss. Advanced Threat Protection solutions provide this early detection. Many also monitor the internet and dark web for suspicious activity and lists that may indicate a future attack against your organization. This enables you to configure anti-phishing, anti-virus, and anti-malware policies and put preventative measures in place before an attack materializes.


Automated protection: Advanced Threat Protection solutions include automatic, one-click remediation measures to stop attacks before they can do damage to systems or steal data.

Leveraging a combination of machine-learning and advanced AI, security teams can quickly determine threat status and consequently spend fewer hours sorting through irrelevant alerts.


Rapid response: Allows for prompt and detailed follow-up after any attack to analyze what happened, report to relative stakeholders, and put protections in place to prevent future attacks using the same attack surface or vectors.


To deliver these goals, ATP solutions need to monitor all network activity in real time. This ensures that threats are not detected too late to mitigate their impact. The ATP system also needs to be data-aware and know the context in which each system on the network operates so that abnormal activity is detected, but false positives are not flagged.

The IntSights External Threat Protection (EPT) Suite of solutions helps organizations fill this cybersecurity gap. By deploying IntSights, your IT and incident response teams will get access to a globally sourced and integrated expert system that monitors for external threats in real time. IntSights participates in a global network of security providers, known as the Cyber Threat Alliance, to share and update all solutions so they can detect, analyze, and remediate any attacks that may come from attacks like malicious files or malicious links against your network.

IntSights External Threat Protection Suite

The all-in-one IntSights ETP Suite discovers, analyzes, and mitigates external cyber threats targeting your organization. As such, the components within the ETP Suite are key in delivering ATP for your organization. ETP solutions include:

Threat Command: External intelligence and remediation for threats targeting your organization

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP): Centralized platform for indicator of compromise (IOC) enrichment and deep investigation

Vulnerability Risk Analyzer: Instant prioritization of patching for critical vulnerabilities

Threat Third Party: Clear, deep, and dark web intelligence for your third parties