Protect patient PHI, identify new device exploits, and streamline operations

Protecting patient PHI has always been at the forefront of healthcare cybersecurity. Hackers are leveraging hospitals’ growing attack surface to carry out more sophisticated and harder-to-detect attacks. Not only do hackers target web-connected medical devices to gain a foothold in the network, they have also begun targeting third parties, employees, and customers as a way to access and steal PII data.

Detect and Mitigate Targeted Threats

Leverage tailored and actionable intelligence based on your unique digital assets so you can identify, block, and take down attacks that directly target your industry and digital operations.


Identify Leaked Medical Records and Patient Data

Gain visibility into the deepest and darkest corners of the web to identify leaked databases, obtain and validate samples, lock down network weaknesses, and support HIPAA compliance requirements.


Uncover Medical Device Exploits

Identify new exploits for connected medical devices and monitor hacker chatter to prioritize vulnerabilities and secure your web-connected devices.